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OSV Technical Superintendent

  • Galveston, TX

As the primary point of contact for OSV technical matters, you would be responsible for overseeing, directing, and evaluating all OSV technical operations. This role emphasizes ensuring vessel reliability, adherence to planned maintenance schedules, prompt resolution of unplanned repairs, compliance with regulatory standards, and maintaining high safety standards. Working within established company policies, international marine regulations, and industry best practices, I collaborate with stakeholders to establish and achieve company and vessel-specific objectives and KPIs.

The OSV Technical Superintendent holds direct supervisory responsibility for vessel Chief Engineers, ensuring they fulfill their duties effectively. Key responsibilities include:

Vessel Management:

  • Ensuring OSVs comply with Flag State and Classification Society requirements, particularly focusing on ISM Code compliance.
  • Regularly meeting with OSV Chief Engineers and Captains to oversee vessel maintenance and performance.
  • Managing Regulatory, Class, and Flag State surveys and inspections to minimize downtime and ensure up-to-date vessel certifications.
  • Participating in audits and working with crew to address findings promptly.
  • Ensuring scheduled maintenance adheres to Helm Connect schedules and maintaining updated vessel records and technical manuals centrally.

Vessel Operations:

  • Collaborating with vessels to develop work lists for dry-docking and major maintenance periods.
  • Supervising and managing equipment upgrades, overhauls, and dry-docks according to company procedures and best practices in technical management.

Health, Safety, Environment, Security, and Quality Management:

  • Monitoring compliance with OSV-specific HSSE procedures.
  • Supporting OSVs during major incidents per emergency response plans and assisting in incident investigations.
  • Assisting Chief Engineers in implementing corrective actions from audits and inspections to ensure timely and effective resolutions.

In addition to operational responsibilities, I provide input on CAPEX planning for vessel and equipment upgrades, act as an on-site contact during upgrades, oversee Chief Engineers’ duties, and contribute to personnel development and succession planning.

By maintaining strong relationships with clients and participating in business development initiatives, I ensure prompt, efficient service delivery tailored to meet client needs. Timely communication with Technical Management about operational interruptions due to technical issues ensures swift resolution and minimizes downtime.

Financially, I assist in annual OPEX and CAPEX budget planning, conducting periodic performance reviews and providing justification for expenditures.

Competencies: Leadership competencies such as entrepreneurship, strategic agility, inspirational leadership, and relationship-building are crucial. Functional competencies include proficiency in quality management systems, marine codes and regulations, safe systems of work, incident investigation, project management, bunker management, and LSV/OSV operations management.

Qualifications: My qualifications include a degree in Marine/Mechanical Engineering or Chief Engineer License, coupled with a minimum of 2 years of seagoing or vessel technical management experience. I possess specialized knowledge in marine maintenance budgets, troubleshooting various engine types, automation systems, and shipyard operations, enhancing my ability to perform in this role effectively.

This comprehensive approach ensures efficient and compliant OSV technical operations, contributing to overall operational excellence and client satisfaction.