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Vice Principal of Academic Affairs (Maritime)

  • Fort Lauderdale, FL

Position Overview:
The Vice Principal of Academic Affairs at a large maritime training facility will oversee daily operations, administrative functions, and instructor management. This role, reporting to the Academic Principal,
demands strong organizational skills and operational expertise to ensure the organization
functions smoothly and instructors perform effectively.
Key Responsibilities:

Instructor & Course Development:
o Provide training and continuing professional development for instructors.
o Management of instructors, serving as their direct supervisor and providing
guidance and support.
o Conduct evaluations and maintain instructor records in the Training
Management System (TMS).
o Follow MPT’s course development process as a course developer and SME
for specific courses, contributing to the design and creation of curriculum

• Facilities and Logistics Coordination:
o Coordinate with off-site training locations and ensure the availability of
necessary resources for course delivery, including IT equipment and support.
o Utilize strong Microsoft Office skills to effectively manage administrative
tasks, including documentation, reporting, and communication.
o Produce weekly classroom and faculty utilization assignment spreadsheets
to facilitate efficient scheduling and resource allocation.

• Strategic Planning and Leadership:
o Support the Academic Principal in strategic planning and decision-making
o Represent the operations department in meetings with the Board of Directors
and other stakeholders.
o Participate in school audits and address compliance issues as needed.
o Assist in the maintenance and on-going implementation of the existing MPT
QMS system, ensuring all Instructors are following the guidelines as laid out
in our ISO 9001:2015 approved system.

• Qualifications:
o Applicants should possess, at minimum, STCW Management or Operational
Level License and a bachelor’s degree or equivalent military/government
service will be considered.
o Applicants should be thoroughly familiar with guidelines for course delivery
and have a strong background in maritime training administration.
o Applicants must be well versed and conversant in Microsoft Office and able
to demonstrate a high level of proficiency.

• Additional Requirements:
o Previous experience in a leadership role within an operational setting.
o Knowledge of maritime safety regulations and procedures.
o Experience in managing and developing instructional staff is advantageous.

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